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WordPress Install with Admin username?

Do  you have a WordPress install with “admin” as the administrative username?  If your answer is yes, then I suggest changing the admin username to anything other than “admin”.  There (more…)


Migrating Multiple Blogs into WordPress 3.0 Multisite

WordPress 3.0 includes new multisite features, meaning that it can run many blogs, even with their own separate domains, on one WordPress installation. This tutorial explains how to migrate multiple (more…)


Simplify the WordPress Admin sidebar navigation

Want to remove some of the root WordPress Admin sidebar navigation? We have a client that was mainly interested in writing pages and managing media for those pages, they were (more…)


Redefine Twenty Ten header image width and height

How do you go about redefining the WordPress Twenty Ten header image width and height? We recently used the Twenty Ten theme as a Parent Theme for a multi-site installation (more…)


Remove default WordPress Twenty Ten header images

How do you remove those pesky default header images included in the Twenty Ten WordPress theme. We recently used the Twenty Ten theme as a Parent Theme for a multi-site (more…)


Create a WordPress Child Theme, allow updates

So you’ve got a decent handle on how WordPress works, you may have even edited a few themes directly, but now those themes have updates, what do you do (better (more…)


Remove Widgets from Twenty Ten WordPress theme

So you want to remove some of the “stock” Widget Areas from the WordPress Twenty Ten theme, how do you go about doing this? We will be using the WordPress (more…)


WordPress Multisite on Hostgator (Reseller)

Utilizing the multisite capabilities of WordPress 3.0+ can have many applications and advantages. It substantially reduces the disk space required for multiple websites running WP. It also simplifies the process (more…)


Admin Link Shortcode for Thematic Footer Text

Thematic comes with a variety of shortcodes that can be added to the footer text in the Thematic Options. We wanted to add the Admin link to the footer, but (more…)


Using HTML5 with your Thematic Child Theme

In the interest of keeping our websites “future-proof”, I began investigating using the HTML5 DOCTYPE. As it turns out, the switch for most WordPress themes will be trivial: Change the (more…)