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Serve Watermarked Images with PHP

So you want to watermark your images, how do you do this? In this technique we’ll show you how we serve our images with a watermark using PHP. We’ll be (more…)


Serve Resized Images with PHP

There are many reasons we use PHP to serve images on sites including: resizing, watermarking, skewing, server-caching, etc. This will cover the basics of serving and resizing an image with (more…)


PHP Image Manipulation Functions

Lets define some PHP functions we’ll be calling on for our PHP image tutorial series. We define all these functions in a file named functions.phtml and call it in our (more…)


Dynamic Font-Based Images

We wanted to create stylish text images for our page and post headings, but we didn’t want to create them in advance, we wanted them on the fly. This is (more…)